I spent a lot of time alone as a kid.

Which, and let’s be honest here, shouldn’t come as a surprise. I mean seriously, look at how I dressed myself. I grew up in the sticks, with only four other kids in my neighborhood. And two of them went to bed while the sun was still up. So I spent a lot of time playing in the woods, or teaching myself to draw. I also fell on my head a lot, building ziplines that would never pass an inspection (who knew clothesline was so stretchy?!), and go-karts, often overlooking minor details such as, “matching wheels” or “brakes”. When I was in junior high, my parents gave me a small plastic 35mm film camera for a class trip to DC. Most of my pictures were of funny looking dogs, or Mike Porsche picking his nose. There was also a great deal of film dedicated to pictures of my finger accidentally covering the lens. Despite all that, I somehow managed to fire off a pretty cool shot of Boston, which I sort of consider my first really successful photo.

By the time I got to college, I was interested in everything, which led to me taking just about every class the university offered (line dancing? Saddle-up!). It also made choosing a major nearly impossible. I knew I really liked art, so with some gentle coaxing by the university (“Dear Mr. Acuncius, you’ve been here 7 years, we can’t let you take any more classes until you promise you will graduate.”) I settled into the art department, where I learned a lot from some really great instructors.

My photography and design clients have included: Ortlieb USA, The Port of Bellingham, St, Joe’s Hospital, Brooks Manufacturing, United General Hospital, Western Washington University, and a handful of others. I love taking on new and challenging projects.

I currently live north of Seattle in Bellingham, WA with my wife and our golden retriever. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, you can find me trying not to kill myself mountain biking, trying not to kill myself snowboarding, playing the guitar poorly, camping, or working on old aircooled VW’s.