Gugich Family

I love this family. It’s that simple. Fortunately they love my photos and asked me again to capture the fun they have together as a family.

Magnuson Family

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to take pictures on multiple occasions for the Magnuson family in Seattle, WA. They are a really fun family, and have added a new little one, so they asked me to come down and take some family photos!

Persis and Matt

Matt and Persis are a beautiful couple from California who traveled up to Glacier, WA to have their wedding at Persis’ parents house. A seriously beautiful location in the woods, a self sustaining log cabin house, and good family and friends made for a great wedding.

Dave and Sareena

Well, in yet another attempt to keep up to date with my blog, I will be uploading a large batch of photos from these last few months. Here are a few selects from Dave and Sareena’s wedding in Vancouver, BC. It was a fairly small, traditional wedding in a really beautiful location. Hope you enjoy!

UFO Sighting

Here are a few pics I took a while ago at a UFO (United Fighting Organization) ring girl event. Thanks to the models Jackie and Ashley, as well as Brian from BK Photography. <– Check out his sports photography…