1967 VW Beetle "Boneshaker"

As you may or may not know, in addition to being a photography junkie, I am somewhat of a VW freak. I’ve had a ’78 Westfalia bus, a ’79 seven-passenger bus, a ’71 squareback, two ’68 squarebacks, and a ’67 bug. Currently I own an ’84 Wolfsburg vanagon and a ’67 bug. My goal with this last bug was to do minimal work (since it was in pretty great original shape), lower it, put new shoes on and get it running smoothly. I decided to keep the original paint “patina” style. Some call this “ratrod” or “hoodride”. I call it “The Boneshaker” because all the suspension travel is gone due to lowering, so when you drive over bumps, it feels like your skeleton is going to pop out of your skin. I love it.