Canon releases 7D

Today Canon released the 7D in the US. View Canon’s specs here I have been pretty excited for the last couple weeks, following rumors and anxiously awaiting the official news. And while I tend to geek out on gear a little too much, I’m sort of torn here. I’m pretty excited anytime a new camera comes out, and it seems like they’ve put out a good one here. It’s fast, has a large, extended ISO range, weather sealed, etc, etc. But it seems like instead of creating a new niche, they’ve essentially made a 60D. With HD 1080i video. Which is cool. Just not for me. And judging by some of the reactions on the blogs, I’m not alone. It seems like most people wanted something in between the 5D and the 5D mkii. At least something full frame. I believe if they were to make a full frame, mid-level dslr, with many of the features of the 7D (excluding video), under $2k, they would sell a lot of them. Well, at least one anyway 🙂

I know that everyone believes video is the way all dslrs are going and so far they seem to be correct. But I think it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. While I think the technology is cool and amazing, I’m not really interested in shooting video from my dslr. I shoot pictures. It’s kind of like the joke where your cell phone can do everything but make calls. Just let me shoot pictures and do it well.

Still, it couldn’t hurt to look at one…