Winter Olympics 2010 – City of Vancouver, BC.

Living so close to Vancouver, I was feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t made it up to at least see a part of the Winter Olympics. In all fairness, I was in Mexico for the first week. But with the clock ticking down to the closing ceremonies, Amy and I decided to make the trip north. I was amazed to see zero wait at the border, and 45 minutes later, we arrived in Vancouver for a fantastic sushi lunch. Then it was on to the Olympics. The city had a lot of the area closed off to non-ticket holders, so it was hard to really see much. We made our way to the Vancouver Live area, where they had two giant TV screens which were broadcasting the USA vs. Canada men’s hockey. There we were: surrounded by red jerseys and flags, when Canada scored the winning goal in OT. Vancouver lost. its. mind. For the next two hours we were there, the city was overflowing with fans high fiving, hollering and cars honking horns. The energy was incredible. A quick trip to see the Olympic cauldron, and we were on our way home. After an hour of stop and go traffic through town, we finally made it to the 99 south to the US. I am really glad we decided to make the short trip – it will be something I will never forget.

Oh yeah, and incredibly, in all the ruckus and sea of people, we ran into the one person we knew in Vancouver walking down the street!